Arm fat Reduction & Lift

Arm Reduction & Lift: A Path to Losing Arm Fat 

For those looking to achieve arm fat reduction and reclaim a lean body mass, arm reduction surgery offers a transformative solution, especially for individuals who have experienced significant weight loss. This procedure is not just about losing weight in the upper arms but also sculpting the body’s contour to eliminate excess fat and subcutaneous fat that sits stubbornly, often referred to as “tuck shop” arms. Over time, or after losing overall body fat, the skin may lose elasticity, leading to the need for an arm lift surgery to restore a healthy weight appearance. 

Consultation for Arm Reduction Surgery: The First Step to Lose Arm Fat 

During the consultation for arm reduction, patients are thoroughly evaluated to ensure they can safely proceed with the surgery, aiming for weight loss and a reduction in unwanted arm fat. The focus is not merely on reducing body weight but on enhancing the body’s natural proportions, which may involve addressing excess body fat through techniques such as Liposuction, paired with arm lift for those whose skin elasticity allows. 

Arm Reduction Lift Surgery: A Strategy for Reducing Arm Fat 

The surgery, which addresses the excess fat and body fat percentage, is performed under general or sedation anesthesia. The goal is to lose fat from the upper arm area, ensuring the remaining skin conforms snugly to the muscle mass beneath. With an incision that may run from the armpit to the elbow, the procedure targets the reduction of arm fat while promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain the results. 

Recovery: Ensuring Successful Weight Loss and Lean Body Mass 

Post-surgery, the focus shifts to recovery, with an emphasis on managing body weight and fostering a lean body mass. The arms may remain swollen, a temporary side effect as the body heals and adjusts to the reduced arm fat. Compressive dressings aid the process, helping to contour the arm to its new shape—a critical part of the journey toward losing weight and increasing muscle mass. 

Complications, although rare, such as infection or excessive scarring, are monitored closely. The end goal is a harmonious balance between muscle mass and body fat, achieved through surgical precision and a commitment to maintaining a healthy weight and overall body fat percentage post-procedure. 


These images are not intended to indicate or reflect likely results or outcomes for any other patient other than those displayed here. Every patient will have before and after results consistent with their individual and unique anatomy and physique.Therefore patients should not make decisions to have Cosmetic Surgery based solely on before and after images.


The arm is usually swollen as are the hands for the 4-6 weeks after surgery; this will eventually resolve. Immediately postoperatively the arm will be wrapped in a compressive dressing which patients are to wear for at least 6-8 weeks if not longer; this will help with healing, swelling and allowing the skin to conform to the new reduced arm circumference. During post op visits the scars will be monitored; further management may be required to treat the scars if they thicken or spread.

The complications whilst uncommon are bleeding, changed skin sensation, infection and excessive scarring.

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