Breast Implants Cosmetic Surgery: Sydney & Port Macquarie

Many women in Australia are familiar with the concept of Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation surgery. The procedure is becoming increasingly common and sought by a wide range of women.

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the insertion of Breast Implants to improve and enhance the appearance of a woman’s breasts. The operation begins with the cosmetic surgeon drawing markings on the woman’s chest to facilitate the incisions and Breast Implant placement. These incisions are made for the insertion of the Breast Implant; the cosmetic surgeon uses surgical instruments to create a pocket in the chest behind the breast to hold the Breast Implant. Cosmetic Surgeons usually choose the location of the incision in order to hide or minimise the eventual scar, typically in the crease under the breast (Inframammary fold). Less common locations of incisions are around the areola and nipple, under the armpit and through the belly button.

Candidates for Breast Implants:

Women seek Breast Implant surgery for a variety of reasons; for some women, they have always had small breasts and seek greater volume and curves; for other women, they seek to restore the volume and shape they had prior to having babies and breast feeding; other women seek Breast Implants to enhance their overall body proportions and contours. The first step in the process is to have a consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgeons typically perform a thorough medical examination; this includes a detailed medical history, physical examination, physical measurements, photographs, and pathology tests. This is an important part of ensuring the patient is a suitable candidate to undergo Breast Implant surgery, including being stable and healthy, both mentally and physically.

Allergic reactions to medicines, heart disease and other underlying medical conditions can affect a patient’s suitability for Breast Implant surgery. It is also important to discuss with the cosmetic surgeon any medications or supplements the patient is taking, including prescription and non prescription medications, herbal or natural supplements. Other lifestyle factors are important to discuss, such as alcohol consumption and smoking. A cosmetic surgeon will also discuss the patient’s reasons for seeking Breast Implant surgery and their expectations of what Breast Augmentation surgery will achieve for them. Some patients may not be suitable candidates for Breast Implant surgery due to their unrealistic expectations of the impact breast enhancement will have on their life.

As Breast Augmentation surgery is considered cosmetic surgery, it is not usually covered by private health insurance or medicare. Financial capability is another aspect of Breast Implant surgery that a woman needs to consider prior to surgery. Costs for Breast Implant surgery consist of the Cosmetic Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthetic fee, Theatre or hospital fee and implant costs. Other minor costs include medications (such as antibiotics) and support bras for after surgery.

The Cosmetic Surgeon aims to best meet the needs of the patient seeking Breast Implant surgery, in the overall context of the patient’s health and wellbeing. An initial consultation provides the patient with an opportunity to ask any questions and obtain all the information about Breast Implants they require in order to make an informed decision about whether or not Breast Augmentation surgery is right for them. A good relationship with your Cosmetic Surgeon is essential to facilitating an open and productive dialogue.


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