Cosmetic Surgery Q&A – Breast, Face Lift and Abdominoplasty Surgery

Can Breast Implants look natural?

Yes – the majority of women seeking Breast Augmentation want naturally full and shapely breasts. Dr. Bobby Kumar achieves a natural look with careful selection of breast implant type, size, shape and volume, together with the placement of the breast implant dependent on an individual’s characteristics and goals.

I’ve had 2 kids and breastfed both – now my breasts feel empty and saggy…what can I do?

Many women who seek breast surgery are in this position, wanting to restore their breast volume and shape.  Breast surgery can encompass one or a combination of

  • Breast augmentation (use of breast implants to address volume and shape),
  • Breast lift surgery (to address position and shape of breasts) and
  • Breast reduction (to address size, shape and position of breasts).

Why would I pay more to have breast augmentation surgery in Australia when I can go overseas?

  • Access to post operative care and follow up to facilitate recovery and an optimal outcome
  • Ability to ascertain the qualifications, training and experience of the Cosmetic Surgical Fellow and meet with them face to face well in advance of scheduling surgery to plan and prepare for surgery
  • Use of recognized and registered breast implants by the TGA and FDA (each breast implant has a registered number that can be traced and is identified with the individual patient)
  • Very low rate of complications in Australia (compared with risk of complications overseas of up to 50-60%)

Can a Face lift look natural?

Yes – the days of the ‘windswept’ or ‘moonface’ look are history. Dr. Bobby Kumar uses a particular technique that results in a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance with long lasting results that still maintains an individual’s natural features and appearance. No one need know you have had face lift surgery, and yet you can achieve long lasting results that can take years off your appearance.

Is the use of Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) effective?

This procedure should only ever be performed by an appropriately trained and qualified Doctor. It should also only ever be performed in a completely sterile environment (technically referred to as a ‘closed system’) to avoid infection. The spun down plasma needs to be specially activated by specific compounds, compounds which are schedule drugs only prescribed and accessible by a Doctor. This procedure is often performed by experienced or unqualified practitioners.

More importantly, research has not demonstrated worthwhile or long lasting effects. As a typically expensive procedure, patients are usually dissatisfied with the minimal to no results.

Are threads a viable alternative to face lift surgery?

The use of threads to “lift” facial tissues is heavily promoted as minimally invasive with a quick recovery in contrast to face lift surgery. Unfortunately this is a procedure commonly performed by inexperienced and unqualified practitioners with a lack of understanding of the facial anatomy, underlying facial tissues, facial musculature and facial nerves.

Patients are often dissatisfied with common complications such as uneven pulling of skin tissue, track marks where the threads have been placed, nerve damage affecting muscle movement and perforation of the parotid gland/duct and disappointment with the minimal and short term results. Not surprisingly these patients then turn to face lift surgery to achieve the outcome they originally wanted, surgery that is then complicated by having to remove the threads.

I’ve had 3 kids and have skin and fat on my tummy I can’t shift with diet and exercise – what can I do?

Abdominoplasty surgery (also referred to as Tummy Tuck surgery) removes excess skin and fat from around the tummy, typically after pregnancy and/or weight loss to restore a flat, tight tummy. This can also include liposuction to create contoured and tightening of the underlying tummy muscles.

How do I know if a Doctor is qualified to do Cosmetic Surgery?

Qualifications should include a Medical Degree and then specific training in surgery and post graduate training in Cosmetic Surgery provided through the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine (ACCSM). Unfortunately there is currently no regulation in this area, so anyone can call themselves a Cosmetic Surgeon without any training or experience, so asking for this information is in your best interest. The ACCSM College are in the process of applying for accreditation as being the foremost college that provides specific training in Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine. No other surgical college have an equivalent Cosmetic surgical program.

Dr. Bobby Kumar is a Cosmetic Surgical Fellow of the ACCSM college and has extensive experience and training in Cosmetic Surgery.

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