Facial Volumiser Rejuvenation

Facial Volumiser  rejuvenation is a non-surgical way to enhance and rejuvenate the Face without Surgery. It can also be used to maintain surgical results such as Face lift & Neck Lifts.

There are many types of Facial Volumiser’s, ranging from non permanent, semi permanent and permanent forms. The non permanent are made from natural non human and non animal based products, a compound found in our own body. They are used to increase the volumes of regions of the face such as the lips, and to non-surgically remove deep wrinkles particularly around the mouth and from the nose to the corner of the mouth.

Typically most patients will opt and begin with non permanent dermal therpies, these normally last between 9 – 12 months and maybe as long as 24 months. The dermal Volumiser  rejuvenation can consist of very soft or particularly thick products, the difference being that they are used for fine to deep lines respectively.

Non-Surgical Facial Volumiser therpies are commonly used in Dr. Bobby Kumar’s Sydney practice.Dr. Bobby Kumar performs all the Facial Volumiser therapies as he has comprehensive anatomical knowledge and consequently our patients experience reliable and aesthetically pleasing results. He does NOT rely on nurse injectors or non medically trained staff, as we have found patients report dissatisfaction with results and complications having experienced this themselves in other clinics.

There are other types of Volumiser therapies made of thicker and firmer substances that are also used; some patients tend to favour these products because of the duration of action. They can be semi permanent to permanent, and patients decide to use such products to maintain a particular enhancement or augmentation for much longer (duration of action 2-2.5 years).

With the Semi permanent to permanent therapies patients need to be aware that removal of these products may not be easy and require a surgical procedure if the result of the enhancement or augmentation is not to their liking.

An anaesthetic nerve block will be required as the injection does sting for some of the Volumiser therapies; other common adverse reactions are swelling and redness for 1-2 days and bruising.

There are a range of Facial Volumiser with the local anaesthetic mixed in with the volumiser. The advantage being that patients no longer require Facial blocks and therefore patients no longer experience the problems associated with smiling, drinking liquids and swelling seen with fillers that do require a Facial or Dental Nerve block.

Semi permanent and permanent volumiser therapies (considered an Implant) are no longer provided by Dr. Bobby Kumar.

During your consultation Dr. Bobby Kumar will explain the benefits of Non-surgical Facial Volumiser Rejuvenation as well as their limitations. Some patients will need to consider a Surgical option such as Face lift to achieve a natural and aesthetic result and rejuvenation of the face.

Complications could include the following bleeding, haematomas, pain swelling, redness, uncommonly infections, lumps or granulomas.

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