Which Breast Implants are best suited to you?

How does Dr. Bobby Kumar, Cosmetic Surgeon, decide which Breast Implants are best suited to you?

Breast Augmentation surgery is the most common Cosmetic Surgery sought by women in Australia today. Planning for breast augmentation surgery requires choices about breast implants, including,

saline vs silicone

size/volume of breast implant

shape of breast implant (round vs anatomical)

projection of  implant (eg high vs very high)

the outer layer of the implant (textured vs smooth)

placement of the implant (Subglandular or Subpectoral)

So how do you know which type of  implant is best for you and will achieve the results you desire?

When planning Breast Augmentation surgery, Dr. Bobby Kumar does not take a “one type suits all” approach when recommending breast implants. There are several factors that he considers when evaluating which breast implants to recommend to any given patient, including:

Existing features:

Volume of existing breast tissue (ie the amount of breast tissue/size of breasts)

Skin thickness, quality, quantity and elasticity – these features affect the placement of the breast implants of above or below the muscle (Subglandular or Subpectoral) and potentially the size of breast implant. For example, a woman with thin skin seeking a natural result may be best suited to breast implant placement below the muscle to allow for coverage of the implant and to avoid the edges of the implant showing through the skin. The quantity of skin is also taken into consideration as the desired outcome is to fill the skin adequately with the breast implant. An implant that is too small to adequately fill the skin results in an unnatural appearance.

Chest diameter – the width of the chest and breast diameter affect the width of breast implants that can be accommodated. For example, a large breast implant may not be able to be accommodated by a small diameter breast, or conversely a smaller breast implant in a breast with a large diameter may result in poor breast augmentation.

Shape/position of existing breasts – for some women, their breasts have developed a degree of droop with age, changes in weight, and/or pregnancy and breastfeeding. A mild degree of droop can be addressed with certain types of breast implants. Most women seek upper pole fullness and the ability to create cleavage. This, for example, cannot be achieved with anatomical breast implants that are teardrop shaped.

Desired result/outcome:

The result that each woman wants to achieve with breast augmentation surgery can differ. For example, some women seek an implanted look whilst others want a natural fullness. Some women seek to be a couple of “sizes” bigger, whilst others want to be significantly larger. Trends have changed when it comes to what is considered desirable – currently the most popular look amongst women seeking breast augmentation surgery is full, natural breasts with upper pole fullness and cleavage. Typically women who seek breast augmentation surgery after having children are aiming to restore their breasts to their pre children appearance, seeking to restore volume, shape and proportion to their body shape.

Other factors:

Size and development of pectoral muscles



Pregnancies/breast feeding, weight gain/loss – these factors results in changes over time in the size and shape of the breasts and the stretch of the skin, for example.

The manufacturer and supplier of the breast implants:

Dr. Bobby Kumar actively stays informed regarding the breast implants available on the market and ongoing research into continued product development in order to maximise the safety and wellbeing of every woman who is seeking breast augmentation surgery. For example, Dr. Bobby Kumar chose not to ever use the now very well publicised PIP implants due to his knowledge of the history and concerns regarding the implants and the manufacturers themselves.

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