Breast Augmentation in Sydney compared with cheap packaged holiday deals

Breast Augmentation Sydney compared with cheap packaged holiday deals

Cosmetic surgery packaged style overseas holidays are popular at this time of year, often because of the misconception that they are cheap and safe. There are the occasional stories of patients having had a reasonable result from Breast Augmentation overseas.

However, as an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon it is not unusual to have to deal with the multitude of mishaps and poor results from overseas surgeries.

As Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular Cosmetic Surgeries performed in Sydney and Port Macquarie . It is not surprising to find patients that have sought an overseas opinions. Often the advising person responding to the their email request for Breast Augmentation surgery will recommend additional and unnecessary unrelated cosmetic surgery procedures such as a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction.

Patients ultimately pay more for these unexpected procedures, and with additional surgeries there are associated additional surgical risks and complications.

Breast Augmentation results should be natural and suit the patient’s anatomy, body shape and size, chest and breast dimensions. Typically this is determined during an appropriate consultation with your Cosmetic Surgeon; Not over the Internet with an unknown person in another country. Patients have no ability to check the credentials of the person performing the operation,and  least of all how many of the procedures they have performed; their complication rates and how they will deal with complications.

Natural and Aesthetic Breast Augmentation

The complications that I as a Cosmetic Surgeon encounter with overseas performed Breast Enlargement surgery are;

Significant numbers of Capsular Contracture rates: Capsular contracture is the scar tissue that naturally forms around any Breast Implant. The scar becomes thick and contracts causing the Implant and breast to become deformed, painful and requiring further corrective surgery. Further surgery incurs greater cost and morbidity for these patients.

Capsular contracture is as a result of any process that causes increased inflammatory activity of the scar tissue. This is usually as a result of post-operative bleeding and intra-operative trauma of the tissues, poor sterility control of the procedure and handling of the Breast Implant, and often use of the wrong type of Implant or as in several cases a product not intended as a Breast Implant.

Capsular Thickening

Infections: This complication is not uncommon with patients having any form of surgery overseas, not withstanding Breast Enlargement surgery. The problem stems from inadequate sterility and handling of the Breast Implant which should be sterile as should the dissected breast pocket be at the time of Breast Augmentation surgery.

Defects and Abnormally Shaped Breasts after “holiday” Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Complications of this type occur because the breast pocket dissected is in the wrong plane, over dissected causing Synmastia (“uniboob”), Breast Implants being placed in two different planes (Subglandular and Subpectoral), excessive release of the pectoral muscle resulting in “window shading”  and rupture of the Breast Implant during Breast Enlargement surgery.


Breast Augmentation surgery should be considered significant surgery. In our Sydney & Port Macquarie rooms we spend a significant amount of time discussing your concerns, your realistic options and what you should expect by having the surgery performed in Sydney.

A frank and thorough discussion about potential complications is had with all our patients, as well as, their post-operative recovery. Each patient is provided with a step by step guide and every patient has frequent follow up and aftercare.

Unfortunately patients seeking Cosmetic Surgery and in particular Breast Augmentation overseas do not have these services provided to or for them by the often non medical operator of these trips or the person performing the surgery in the country that they have  travelled to for their surgery.

When problems arise from overseas cosmetic surgery trips and they are encountered by me in Sydney,Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour there is often no recourse for the patient. That is patients may have to travel back overseas to have corrective surgery if they trust the expertise of those performing this surgery, and patients will find that they are Not covered by Medicare or their Insurance (Private health or travel) company.

It is essential for patients to consider the overwhelming risk to their health and finances of overseas based “Cosmetic Surgery Holidays”. You should consider the training of the person performing the Breast Augmentation surgery, the relevant professional organisations that they belong to (Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery or the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) and their experience with performing a wide range and variety of Breast Augmentations.

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Bobby A Kumar is a Fellow and member of the professional institutions listed above.

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