Important Facts about Breast Augmentation and Enlargement

Breast Augmentation and Enlargement is a sought after cosmetic surgery procedure, with women all over the world choosing this surgery for a variety of reasons. No matter what your reason, the most important step is finding an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon to perform the breast augmentation.

Like any surgery, breast Implant surgery has risks and complications. Potential issues may include hardening of the breasts, uneven breasts, infection and rippling. These risks are minimised when surgery is performed by an experienced and fully qualified Cosmetic Surgeon.

Many women undergo breast augmentation after deciding the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks. These benefits may include:

  • Restoration of breast shape/size; factors such as age, weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can result in loss of breast volume or sagging of the breasts. Breast Implants can be used to restore and enhance breast volume and shape.
  • Balancing body proportion; many women choose breast augmentation surgery to create body contours and a “bust line” in proportion to their overall body shape
  • Increased self-confidence, including confidence dressing and shopping for clothes

There are also many myths and misconceptions about breast Implants. The prestigious MAYO clinic in the USA have dispelled the myths and misconceptions surrounding breast Implants, these include;

  • Higher risks of breast cancer – there is no evidence that breast Implants increases the risks of breast cancer. A large retrospective study could find no increased incidence of breast cancer in women with breast Implants. The Silicone of the Implants does not promote breast cancer disease in women. However; Women should always continue to have their breasts checked. Mammograms can be performed with breast Implants.
  • There is no higher risk of inducing autoimmune diseases in women with breast Implants. The silicone of breast Implants that have ruptured, leaked or bled does not pose a systemic risk and therefore has not been found to induce autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE or DLE.
  • If breast augmentation is correctly performed, with minimal tissue trauma then the loss of nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed is uncommon.
  • Breast Implants do not have an Infinite shelf life. Women will require further surgery at some stage of their life (usually 10-12 years or more) for various reasons. Typically the reasons may include change in size of breast Implants as women age, breast lift due to eventual sagging of the breasts. Occurrence of capsular contracture around the breast Implant, and in a few cases complete removal of the breast Implants.

All these issues can be discussed in full in a consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon. Most women seek a natural appearance as opposed to the ‘Implanted’ look often seen in America or among celebrity “boob jobs”. Creating a natural appearance is also a skill of an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon, both in evaluating and recommending the type and size of Implants based on your size, shape and goals, and in performing the surgery.

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