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Tummy Tuck otherwise Known as an Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck is surgically known as Abdominoplasty surgery. The surgery is performed for Cosmetic and legitimate medical and surgical reasons. In Sydney and Port Macquarie . Women following child birth and if they have had a caesarian section can be left with an overhanging lower abdomen. These patients decide to have Tummy Tuck surgery to address the hanging “Pannus” of redundant skin and soft tissues.This is the case for those patients that have succeeded in losing a significant amount of weight. Consequently these patients are left with a large redundant apron of skin and subcutaneous fat and tissues which in themselves are a problem; causing skin fungal infections, aesthetically undesirable lower torso and the patient is left with having to hide the redundant mound in clothing.

Who makes the best candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty surgery is becoming a popular form of Cosmetic Surgery for men and women. It is considered by patients for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reasons are that patients have a significant redundancy of skin and tissues of the upper and lower abdomen.

The cosmetic considerations are based on patients who may have had previous surgery and or delivered babies via caesarian section and they are left with a flap or “Pannus” of skin and tissues which typically overhang their clothing. These patients often find it unsightly and difficult to find the right clothing to hide the overhanging skin and tissues. They are also reluctant to go to the beach during summertime for fear of embarrassment when wearing a bathing suit.

Some patients may have had a primary abdominal surgery which has left them with an “ugly” scar and a mound of redundant skin and tissues. Often the surgical consideration here is not only scar revision but also an abdominoplasty to refine their abdominal shape and contours.

There are those patients who have been successful in losing a tremendous amount of fat and therefore weight. These patients unfortunately find that despite their heroic weight loss their skin and residual tissues do not retract sufficiently, and so they are left with a large amount of lose hanging skin and subcutaneous tissues.

These patients find that the hanging tissues create many problems such as bacterial and fungal infections as well as discomfort due to rubbing as they continue to exercise to maintain their weight loss. It is for these reasons that massive weight loss patients seek not only a Tummy tuck, they often need to consider a total body lift.

General Cosmetic Surgical overview of Tummy Tuck Surgery

In general a Tummy Tuck will require some Liposuction and or Liposculpture to remove fatty tissues around the flanks so that tailoring the tissues and skin will produce an aesthetic result as opposed to removal by excision of skin and fatty tissues alone. Often many patients will require tightening of their abdominal muscles above and or below the umbilicus (belly button). The effect of tightening the rectus muscle is to repair the separation and weakening of the muscle with weight gain and subsequent weight loss. The tightening procedure will also produce greater definition of the underlying musculature; often referred to as the “six pack”.

Patients requiring a tummy tuck and tightening of their muscle bed may require a relocation of their umbilicus. When the abdominal flap is pulled and the redundancy of skin and fatty tissues are removed, the umbilicus becomes stretched or often displaced to a point too low on the abdomen that the final result is unappealing and unusual.

A total Body lift involves a Tummy Tuck and what is known as a Reverse Tummy Tuck, which means removing skin and tissues of the upper abdomen just below the breasts and the lower abdomen in the traditional fashion for a tummy tuck; as well as a Breast reduction, thigh lift and an arm lift.

Body lifting procedures are often performed in stages as it would be surgically and medically unsafe to perform as a single stage surgical procedure. Most patients will have an inpatient hospital stay following large procedures. Despite the likelihood of obvious scars, most patients who decide to consider body lifting procedures do so with the knowledge that whilst they will have scars, they will however, have a better body shape especially in clothing.

Tummy Tuck surgery should not be considered to be a form of weight loss surgery. Most Cosmetic Plastic surgeons discourage utilising an abdominoplasty in an attempt to facilitate a patient’s weight loss. Patients will need to be sufficiently motivated to lose weight prior to considering any surgery. When seeing their Cosmetic Surgeon they will need to have reached a stable weight loss to be a candidate for consideration of a Tummy Tuck procedure. Often the motivated patient will go on to continue to lose more weight after the Tummy Tuck and this will help with the overall success of the surgery and appearance of the patient.

Potential Complications for Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

Fortunately with great surgical care and selection of appropriate patients for a Tummy tuck complications are uncommon and if they occur tend to be minor and easily resolved.

Like any surgical procedure complications are always a potential risk and occurrence. Bleeding, Haematomas and Seromas can occur as the tissues are highly vascular. Male patients and smokers tend to have a slightly higher frequency or potential for this type of complication. Drains may be used to gauge bleeding and genera drainage from the wound in the acute phase of the post operative period. However; if the bleeding is significant the patient may need to be returned to the operating theatre to investigate bleeding vessels and to stop excessive bleeding or ooze.

Other complications include wound breakdown and skin and tissue loss. This can occur due to excessive tension of the tissues and vascular compromise to the abdominal flap. Infections postoperatively whilst uncommon as the patient is adequately covered by pre and postoperative antibiotics can still occur due the resistant nature of some bacterial organisms. Skin sensation can be diminished; tissues may be injured due to the lack of pain sensation. Scars are the measure of success of any operation; some patients do scar poorly and as such scar revision may be required.

Postoperative recovery following Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

Patients will be required to wear a compression garment, in my practice this maybe up to 3 months or more. The garment applies a compressive force to the elevated abdominal flap; the garment facilitates adherence of the flap to the abdomen and therefore healing of the tissues. The garment is required to be worn initially continuously for 24hours per day, and only removed for showers and to wash the garment. Patients will be restricted from carrying out some of their usual activities such as sporting activities and various work commitments. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss your postoperative care and management as the overall final result and success of a tummy tuck will be dependent on wearing the garment and care of the abdominal tissues.

As previously described, complications are low and ensuring that the patient is an appropriate candidate for a Tummy Tuck procedure will ensure success of the operation and realistic expectations of both patient and Cosmetic Surgeon.

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